#Disaster prevention measures

The answers were posted from among the questionnaires set up in the "Let's prepare for big earthquake" page. Please take a look.

Q. What do you think we can do to prepare for a major earthquake?

・ I thought it would be nice if I could grasp it as my own and be able to evacuate even if there is an earthquake
・ Be careful not to worry about when an earthquake occurs.
・ Telling what you have learned to future generations.
・ Confirmation of shelter
· Helping each other
・ Maintenance of emergency delivery bags, etc.
・ Confirmation such as evacuation, confirmation such as evacuation places
・ Having calm
・ Hamage
・ We spread about secondary disaster to many people
・ The family talks about the earthquake, the storage place of money

I think that the memory of the disaster should not be weathered ...
It's also important to take care!
Emergency carry out bag ... I want to know where you are when you start using it.
If you say the storage place of the money ... it will not be able to use the bank and so on.

Q. What do you think is necessary to return to the original life after the earthquake?

・ We think that assistance from other prefectures and supply from country are necessary.
・ Fundraising, supplies support
・ A calm judgment. Local community.
・ Support goods
-Saving without waste
・ Cooperation
-Cooperation such as mutual cooperation and non-affected local governments
・ Rapid recovery, daily preparation
・ Rapid recovery work by country unit
・ Genki
・ Food, volunteer, reconstruction support, reconstruction fund
・ Life, dream, hope, money, food

After all there are many opinions that money is necessary. surely.
You need a quick response from the country or prefecture.
Life, dreams, hope ... deep.

Other opinions

・ I think the earthquake is scary but I can calm down and act quickly if I have it.
・ It was very easy to understand and I thought it was very good. While I had a sentence on the way, I was very surprised because I was saying exactly the same thing as me (I guess you made a mistake)?
I am a correction note of science and I have referred to it. (Inside 1) Thank you very much because it was very easy to summarize! Thank you.
・ We are sending out regularly on Twitter that it is better to carry a small flashlight or whistle in case you are afflicted when going out at night or when taking a ride on the subway.
With the light of the smartphone it is bright in the room but it is too dark to get a clear view when it comes out of the room. I would like you to cooperate with me if it is possible to keep them familiar. We search in disaster prevention porch or disaster prevention EDC, and 0 order disaster prevention again
・ I think everyone will be happy to take part in the event
・ I thought it was wonderful Thank you
・ Delicious war hate, war hatred, pacifist, money care, ambulance curry.


I'm glad I had the opportunity to review disaster prevention. I also knew that Shun and Endo were dating.
After establishing a home in the future, you will have the opportunity to choose an earthquake resistant one, such as your own home, and think about earthquake countermeasures, etc. ...
No, no, no!
I will send 100 kg of emergency food for celebration.
Eat it idiot! It rots!
... emergency food, it would be nice if I had no chance to use it

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