Nankai Trough Earthquake
Let's prepare for the Nankai Trough Great Earthquake

What can we do to prepare for the earthquake in the Nankai Trough?
Let's think together.

What is the "Nankai Trough Great Earthquake"?

"Nankai Trough Great Earthquake" is an earthquake that is considered to be the focal region along the Nankai Trough.

First of all is the Nankai Trough?

The Nankai Trough is a very big groove in the south bottom of Shikoku.
It's so active that a lot of earthquakes are occurring.
It is said that there will be a major earthquake in the Nankai Trough.
Prefectures off the Pacific are hit by seismic intensity 7 and 6 earthquakes.
Even just that damage is huge An earthquake occurs at the bottom of the ocean, so a tsunami will occur.
That's why we are expecting a tremendous damage.

It's a scary earthquake.

Nankai Trough What happens when the earthquake occurs?

It is a supposition when an M9 class earthquake occurs
Three hundred thousand people dead
East Japan great earthquake dead number 15,594 people

Collapsed house 2,368 thousand buildings
Total destruction of the eastern Japan great earthquake 120 thousand 1805 buildings

Economic damage 220 trillion 300 billion yen
East Japan great earthquake disaster economic damage 23 trillion yen

Waste 250 million tons
East Japan great earthquake waste Waste 1.82 million tons

As expected, you are mistaken for yourself, are not you?

I have not made a mistake. It is also said that water and food shortage.
And the height of the problematic tsunami is expected to be maximum 32 m .

32 meters! Is it?

The Pacific side is attacked by a quite high tsunami.
The airport from central to Kyushu is said to be flooded by the tsunami.


Let's hurry and escape to the hill when a tsunami occurs.
Since the Nankai Trough Great Earthquake may be damaged to a considerable extent,
A stockpile of food etc. is necessary for one week or more. Let's familiarize the evacuation site from day to day so that the Nankai Trough Great Earthquake may come.
Finally the final round! Next let's try the quiz using knowledge so far!